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Fully Responsive

Woo Commerce Shopping Cart


Embedded YouTube & Audio Clips


What Was Requested

Ironstone Guitar pickups has had a basic transactional website running for the last 4 years. The aim of the upgrade was to keep some of the look and feel of the old site, but re-created on a WordPress platform with full eCommerce capabilities to allow business development and ease of (self) maintenancne.

Theme Choice

The choice of (free!)  professional themes on WordPress is very impressive, so its worth spending some time getting the best one for your business. LLWS were very helpful in providing links to a number of top spec. options. In particular they specifically focused on themes supporting the WooCommerce Paypal transactional functionality that has proved to be a major success.

Structure & Content

I wanted to end the process as the site administrator, i.e. capable of being able to quickly execute changes myself as the business develops. LLWS were very flexible in approach, setting up all of the page structures, menus etc. & then guided me carefully through the content creation process so that by the time the site went live I have become a competent WordPress 'author'.


The WooCommerce transaction system has proved to be robust and very customer friendly. It standardly allows payment from Paypal, BACS, cheque, etc etc, and integrates smoothly. A range of customisable customer emails are generated as an order progresses.
A number of shipping cost models are also standardly available easily suiting different products and countries to ship to.

Business Continuity

A key requirement I had was business continuity. LLWS advised on hosting, domain registrations, all of the back room stuff. And following their direction the result was that changes to both site and domain hosting resulted in zero downtime from my customers perspectives. What more could you ask of a web solution provider!


So overall, many many thanks to Luvvin Live Web Solutions for their patient help in not only delivering a fantastically featured new website, but also in guiding me to a good level of confidence in maintaining and expanding the new site going forward.

Tony Partridge - Ironstone Pickups Owner / Manager

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